Now entering second stage of career

I know you other voice talents…and quite a few producers have heard the old joke about the four stages of an Actor’s/Voice Talent’s career that says:

“1. Who is Carl Bishop? 2. Get me Carl Bishop 3. Get me  someone who sounds like Carl Bishop 4. Who is Carl Bishop?”

Well, It seems I’m entering the best stage:  Stage two!   Last week an agency called me directly and asked if I would be available to read more Comcast spots. After saying “yes” fast as I could, I asked the agent how they got my name.   “Well the client (Comcast) asked for you.  They said don’t bother casting.  Carl is your guy. He was so good and easy to work with”.

You see, I thought I had lost that gig after choosing my honeymoon over more work in early January, but it just goes to show if you show up and do a great job, people really do appreciate it and remember you.